Oracle ULA Certification Guide for Everyone



Oracle ULA Certification – How to step out from your ULA

The Oracle ULA certification is a process for when a customer is stepping out and ending their Unlimited License agreement. 

What is an Oracle ULA?

An Oracle ULA (Unlimited License Agreement) is a contract for unlimited usage of a designated set of Oracle products over a fixed period. Customers pay a one-time license fee at the start of the agreement and an annual support fee for the term. But what happens when the agreement comes to an end?

Oracle ULA Certification Process

At the end of the Oracle ULA agreement term, customers must report their deployment numbers to Oracle, who will conduct a license audit to determine the number of licenses the customer is entitled to. This is where the process of Oracle ULA certification comes into play.

For customers who decline to renew their Oracle ULA, certification is the process they must follow to exit the agreement. However, the process can be complex and may lead to unexpected outcomes if not approached strategically.

One smart strategy is to work with Oracle licensing experts who use the same Oracle LMS scripts (license compliance scripts) that Oracle uses to audit its customers. This ensures that non-compliance is identified and can be remediated before the end of the agreement term.

Customers should also take the opportunity to maximize their deployment numbers before the end of the Oracle ULA term. This creates a “license buffer” and reduces the risk of purchasing additional licenses.

In conclusion, exiting an Oracle ULA agreement requires careful planning and a thorough understanding of the process. Customers can ensure a smooth transition and avoid unexpected outcomes by working with Oracle licensing experts and maximizing deployment numbers.

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